Bintan Trip 3D2N (Day 3)

“Our Bintan Trip @ The Canopi - Day 3” 

So day 3 was literally just us, staying in bed rotting after having our breakfast since it was literally RAINING HEAVILY after we were done with breakfast.

Binge watched The Flash whilst waiting for our check out timing to arrive and afterwards we literally rotted the whole afternoon away in the lounge area.

We had our lunch at their in-house restaurant and honestly it was a disappointing meal. Both of our dishes were failures and the only thing I adored was the drink that I ordered. Some strawberry smoothie mix.

Headed back home & I literally fell ill too due to indigestion from the previous days meal. Sobs.

So that's about it for our short get away at The Canopi! It was an enjoyable trip - despite the horrid meals there. Think if we were to return to Bintan, we would defo venture out to the hawkers for our meals instead. Local food is WAY better than overpriced resort meals haha.

My thoughts on this trip
Definitely a much more relaxing trip compared to the one we had last march at Bali. It was so relaxing that we legit spent so much time chatting and having fun rather than busy exploring the place that we have no time to stay still hahaha. 

We had so much opportunities to snap lotsa photos too and I was legit real happy bcos we rarely snap pictures together honestly. The best thing was, the crowd was so minimal and we felt like we really had the whole resort to ourselves. My only regret was not bringing enough clothes to change for my photoshoots HAHA.

It was a short trip and can't wait for our next upcoming trip!! Hopefully we'll be able to head over to somewhere for a long trip soon. Can't wait for our next holiday together! 

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