Bali Trip 5D4N (Day 4)

“Our Valentines' Day Bali Trip - Day 4” 

Our fourth day in Bali was really well spent! Had a drive down all the way to Lovina Beach and had to depart from our Hotel at 4am so as to be able to arrive at Lovina (which is at the other end of Bali from where we were staying) and managed to reach the beach at around 9 for our dolphin tour!

4:00AM: Picked up by our Driver.

I was feeling as dead as ever because I sprained my leg the previous day from trekking Mt Batur so had to carry me around LOL. He literally carried me to a fro from our Hotel room because we stayed at the second floor.

8:00AM: Reached Lovina Beach

We legit slept through the entire car ride because we were so exhausted from all the packed itineraries in the previous days. But what we woke up to.... the view was soooo good.

It was our first time standing on a black sand beach. The feeling was amazing (despite me being grumpy af because of my swollen ankle). We then hoped onto the boat that will be sailing us out to view the wild dolphins!

The sea was really clear and clean as well! You can literally see through it and see the weeds underwater. Would be really great if we came here for our snorkelling instead.

No filter pictures:

And look at that puddle of dolphins! They always swam in groups so we were able to see them quite obviously when they jumped out of the water. It was my first time seeing wild dolphins swim like this. The experience gained is definitely better than those dolphin shows hosted in zoos/aquariums etc.

It was a really satisfactory valentines day spent with S indeed. First ever valentines that was spent so uniquely in the past 7 years of our dating life hahaha.

We then headed to a Hot Spring called Hot Water Banjar nearby to chill for 30 minutes. The water there was quite greenish and it had algae everywhere inside the water but they stated that it was a natural Hot Spring whereby the water was naturally flown in through a nearby river and the water was naturally hot due to the steam from a nearby mountain. Nature ftw!

1:00PM: Reached Gitgit Waterfall

Almost got scammed here by one of the guides! They actually lied to us saying that we can only enter the place if we book a tour with him and it actually costed SGD80 for two pax!?! So we were so shocked we went back to ask our driver about it. And it turned out that it was a scam.... Bali's really filled with scammers EVERYWHERE. So I would really strongly advise people to book tour guides there instead to drive you around so as to prevent scams.

The Waterfall wasn't really all that fancy and because it was the rainy season, there was this part of Bali where the news had reported that there was a landslide. We actually witnessed it while driving past and it was really scary so we didn't spend much time there. The floor was legit fallen and broken. So drivers only had one lane left to drive for two sides. As I witnessed that, suddenly feeling blessed for staying in Singapore hahaha.

Initially S actually suggested for us to just take a detour and leave this area because it was filled with steps and slopes everywhere and I was literally crippling because of my injured ankle. But fully motivated me didn't wanted to waste this trip or the money so I persuaded him that I can do this hahaha.

And it turns out that the place wasn't really that big as well, or maybe we just couldn't really find the way properly that we only walked a small part? I have no idea hahaha.

So this was a small part of the waterfall that we saw. But I'm happy enough to have witnessed a real waterfall I guess.

2:00PM: Lunch at a local buffet restaurant

I forgot the restaurants name already but it was recommended by the tour package so we headed there to eat! It was a buffet style so we could eat however amount we wanted to eat. We invited our driver to dine with us as well since we felt that it would be a little bad for him to stay in the car by himself.

Following that, we then headed over to Tamblingan Lake which was just directy opposite the restaurant.

It was crazily packed there as they had school tours ongoing over there but still managed to take lots of pictures. Thank god for GoPro.

Of course we took many more pictures there but just picked a few to sum up what we did there! And finally we concluded our trip with a drive to Blimbing Rice Terrace.

Just took a picture of it from afar on top. We already visited several rice terraces there already and it all looks the same so.... hahaha

4:00PM: Back to Hotel! The places we went were really really far away from our Hotel so we had to take a few hours before arriving back. Tough life being a driver there lolol.

We then headed to a restaurant called Sea Circus that was quite popular there apparently and to me I was just severely disappointed at both the price and the food.... really don't get whats with the hype over that restaurant.  We decided to eat there simply because it was really near our hotel and at walkable distance. But DISAPPOINTMENT.... will never go back there to dine again if I were to go back to Bali. Didn't even take any pictures because I was just really disappointed thats all hahaha.

And that concludes our day. Next up will be day 5, which is also our final day there before departure back to Singapore. :(

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