Bali Trip 5D4N (Day 2)

“Our Valentines' Day Bali Trip - Day 2” 

So to start off our Day 2, we basically hired a private tour guide/driver with Your Bali Driver and we got Gede Susila as our driver. Was pretty pleased with the service that we have gotten. Got to say that he was by far the best driver that we have gotten through the entire 5 days there.

We had him booked for the entire day so as to travel around multiple places in Ubud. USD40 for 10hours and apparently it was negotiable (by a little bit) in the conversion from USD to IDR.

We visited countless sites - Ubud Art Street,  Coffee Plantation, Elephant Cave, Gunung Kawi (Stone Temple), Holy Spring Temple, Tegalalang rice terrace, Ubud Market.

Ubud Art Street was first!! There were countless sites that made pretty vases, clothing, wood carvings and many many more. We were just so amazed at their craft works with nothing but their delicate hands and of course equipments etc. Didn't really snap much pictures because most of them were just small shop houses with preview of how they made the item and a shop. Nothing much.

Just a picture of S looking through the many wood products inside.

Next, we headed to the coffee plantation!! We were given many testers for their many different kinds of coffee/tea for free. It got me quite shocked because everything was free, free testers, free guide touring you around their coffee plantations and also free entrance as well. The free testers came with really big portions as well.

Next up was the Elephant Cave Temple. This temple requires an entrance fee and also wearing of sarongs. So this is us at the entrance of the elephant cave. The elephant cave was really small by the way HAHA.

Next up was Gunung Kawi (Stone Temple). Okay really climbed alot on this one cos it was right at the bottom so we had to climb all the way down then back up again. HAHA our driver that climbed with us was hella tired. I got to admit that I was pretty tired too.

Next up was Holy Spring Temple. It was a temple where you could rinse in their 'Holy Water' and become Holy?? We didn't though because we didn't wanna get wet.

We then headed to Tegalalang rice terrace - didn't went inside though because I got so tired and lazy so we just viewed it from on top. Didn't manage to snap any nice pictures too because there were too many constructions going on.

Finally we ended with Ubud Market last but most of the shops were closing by the time we reached there!! A little bit too late for it but oh well. Would've gotten many stuffs there if we were there a little earlier. But gotten a gelato ice cream to eat since we didn't had dinner NOR lunch haha our driver couldn't take it that he went to grab a quick meal while we were at the holy spring temple LOL.

Feeling really bad for him!!! Haha shouldn't have packed our itinerary so full and should've relaxed a little bit more. First trip to Bali though, maybe next trip we'll loosen a little bit more HAHA.

So that's the end of our day at Ubud!! Look forward to Day 3~

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