Bali Trip 5D4N (Day 3)

“Our Valentines' Day Bali Trip - Day 3” 

Our third day in Bali was just basically Mt Batur Trekking. You have no idea how much I regretted signing up for trekking before even basic exercise training in Singapore. I almost died up there LOL. But I can't deny that it was quite a good experience.

1:30AM: Picked up by our Driver.

Was suppose to get up at 1AM to prepare but both of us were literally so tired we couldn't even hear the alarms and we got up at 1:20AM instead LOL only had 10mins to prepare smh so bare face it is.

3:30AM: Reached the base of Mt Batur

Met our trekking tour guide and we started our climb after refreshing ourselves in the toilets etc. At the beginning I was thinking "Oh so all the roads are fixed roads like those that car can drive up etc". Nope, it was just the beginning HAHAHA. Took so many damn stops in the middle because of me HAHA gosh so embarrassing right. And we got a ridiculously young tour guide so he was legit fit and ready to go and so is S because he is practically army trained. I was the legit burden of us 3 HAHA THE FEELS.

After 2 half hours of trekking we were finally at the peak (or not so). We only managed to reach the second most top and we just decided to stop because the haze was not really going away and our tour guide kind of presumed that we wouldn't be able to see anything even if we went to the peak. And of course MOST of it was because I was really just too tired to continue on already HAHAHA.

Breakfast that was given to us: Banana sandwiches, banana, and lava boiled eggs. I ordered Hot Chocolate together as well because it was legit freezing cold up there I almost died.

So we legit climbed up for 2+ hours and could only see fog...... I WAS LEGIT PISSED OFF HAHA. My face was total black besides when we had to take photos. I was literally so tired already still tell me all the efforts I made were useless wth. So S decided to conclude this: We were between the clouds HAHAHAHA

So we saw steam as well like legit steam coming out from the rocks haha coooool reminded me that we weren't on any mountain, we were on an active volcano mountain LOL.

We then headed back down after a big hoo-ha with the monkeys that came attacking us after sunrise. One of them actually jumped on my back to try to snatch my sandwich off my hands. I got so shocked cos I was legit the first one getting attacked before all the others started making a scene with the others there. WHAT LUCK RIGHT. HAHA I carried a monkey on my back. 

I was a legit burden and climbing down was harder than climbing up because the rocks were quite slippery since we went during rainy season (stupid lah never think about that fact when we booked it). Ok at least I didn't slip to death or something hahahahaha.

I depended ALOT on S and our tour guide. Like really a lot. They were legit holding my hands the whole time guiding me here and there and using their strengths to hold me when I almost slipped HAHA I'M SORRY. 

After finally reaching like the first base - less rocky roads now, just little slippery tiny roads. I was like OH MY GOD FINALLY but still a far way to go before we reach the base LOL at that moment I really wanted to just roll down like IDC ANYMORE. But finally safe roads and not those 'death at any wrong step' kind of roads anymore.

And our tour guide decided to become all photography and told us to pose etc etc. HAHA PROS OF HAVING A YOUNG TOUR GUIDE. S asked his age and he was only 19?!?! Or 20? Actually I can't remember. He looked older than that actually HAHA.

The view of how far we came down YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE THE TOP @#$)@#*$)*@$

And finally a picture with our tour guide!! Really very thankful to him, I relied on him quite a lot, he literally gave me support mentally and physically HAHA. Like pulling me up the rocks, supporting me when I go down, guiding me where to step etc. But I can't even remember his name HAHA oops.

And whilst we were walking and walking on the roads I accidentally sprained my god damn ankle oh my god I could hear the "CRRRKKKKK" haha and I screamed. S came running and asked me what happened. When I told him I sprained my ankle his first reaction wasn't "Are you ok?" but instead "HAHAHAHAHA". Oh what do I even expect from a man that I've been dating for 7 years right? SIAN. But luckily I can still walk afterwards, just wasn't able to tilt it to certain angles and of course it hurted A LOT when I was walking.

Ok complaint about S but still he supported me when walking lah HAHA ever since the sprain I relied on him SUPER A LOT. Really very grateful for having him around, being a super reliable boyfriend to me through this whole entire trip. He had to take care of all the finances and purchasing of tickets and hotel booking and flight bookings etc while I just enjoy and complain about not having enough rest HAHA and he had to carry me around as well on steps that were too steep and etc, sorry for being such a burden to you in your life IF YOU ARE READING THIS. I love you a lot okay thank you for being the reliable boyfriend in this trip and also in my life :')

We then headed to a Hot Spring nearby (pictures with S and he had not sent me them yet -_-) to chill for an hour or so, followed by Coffee Plantation then Tegalalang Rice Terrace (again). We didn't snap any pictures at the two places after because those were places we already visited in Day 1.

3:00PM: Reached Hotel

WE WERE SO DEAD TIRED so slept a little afterwards till around 6. Then prepared and headed out for dinner. Oh if you realise - no lunch again. HAHAHAHA WE ARE LEGIT JUST SKIPPING MEALS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

8:30PM: Reached Made Bagus Cafe

Bluebird to Jimbaran Beach for Seafood. We weren't precise enough so the driver kind of sent us to the wrong location first and the food there costs like a bomb??? In the end we Ubered to another area which I was intending to go and we reached Made Bagus Cafe!! It was hell good + cheap. SEAFOOD AT ITS BEST. And did I mention it was seaside tabled so we were basically having a 'on the sand candlelit dinner'.

A little rant 
While we were trying to find a transportation at Jimbaran Beach there were many private taxi drivers that were eyeing on us because we refused to get on their cab. Called in Uber and we were kind of shocked at first because several Uber drivers refused to pick us and rejected us but we finally got one. We hopped on his car when he arrived and he was really nice. And that was when one of the taxi drivers knocked on his windows and scolded him for picking us up. But fortunately nothing big happened, our Uber driver just apologised saying he wasn't aware of the zone being a 'private driver zone' and drove off. I heard many scary stories about Uber drivers getting attacked by the windows and etc after picking tourists up. Oh god scary taxi problem in Bali. 

We then contacted our bluebird driver from before since he left us his number and bluebird back to our hotel. But we had to walk a distant out to the non-private-driver zone so that our bluebird driver could pick us up. I mean like come on even bluebird can't enter their zones to pick people up R U SRS???? Really hate the transportation problem in Bali..

Rested up early since our tour starts at 4am the next day.

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