Bali Trip 5D4N (Day 5)

“Our Valentines' Day Bali Trip - Day 5” 

Our fifth day - which is also our last half day that we will be spending in Bali. Checked out of the hotel and placed our luggages into our drivers car. And our only destination for the day - Uluwatu Temple!

My period came and I was feeling really restless... period cramps and sprained leg while traveling is definitely NOT a good combination.

I was so grumpy and cranky I didn't even felt like taking pictures nor walking. I really am very very very thankful to for putting up with my bullshit over the 5 days man HAHA.

Headed over for a simple lunch afterwards at a restaurant that I googled up randomly that was nearby since we were already running up of time and had to rush in for our flight.

Ate at this restaurant called the InSalt Restaurant. It didn't have much people but the food tasted really good and I really love the layout of the restaurant! It gave off a really relaxing vibe which I adore. So much better than that damn Sea Circus place.

Rushed off for our flight afterwards and back to Singapore.... Will definitely miss Bali

My thoughts on this trip
It was definitely a good trip even though there were many events that occured out of nowhere, scams, injuries, and it was definitely really packed. But first ever trip that I've planned every single day singlehandedly with S by ourselves. So I would call it a success. :)

At the same time, I felt like reassuring the rest of my life with S is definitely a stable and great choice. Upon the years that I've had dating him, he had already reassured me that. But this trip had definitely made me get an even clearer idea on it. He had really been a great partner, a great travel buddy, a great source of reliant for me during this trip. Me on the otherwise, was a total burden to him. I've heard many of my friends telling me on how whereby they are usually the ones planning and ensuring everything goes smoothly when they travel with their boyfriends. But me on the otherwise, was so darn reliant on him that I felt so bad. He was literally behaving like my guardian there. Where else can you find a guy that adores you and take cares of you like a father, acts silly with you like your Best Friend and teases you like your older brother, and of course shower you with love like your Boyfriend. DEFINITELY SAVED THE COUNTRY LAST LIFE TO DESERVE HIM. :')

So much gains and so much love received in this trip. Can't wait till our next overseas holiday!

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