Bintan Trip 3D2N (Day 1)

“Our Bintan Trip @ The Canopi - Day 1” 

A really impromptu decision for a short getaway to somewhere near just to kickstart our new year and take a break from reality - we decided to head towards Bintan, one of the nearest island from Singapore. Whilst I was browsing through Google, we came across this blog post on "Glamping" and thats how we decided to head towards The Canopi for our short 3D2N trip.

This trip was really really plainly relaxing. No running around and exploring the island like what we did in Bali, so it turned out great! Spent most of the time in the resort and in our room, just chilling and watching dramas & gaming together. It felt really great! 

First day - Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal > BBT Ferry Terminal > Check-in Resort > Hawker for Dinner > Back to Resort

We arrived at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal about 12.45pm and was slightly late as we were supposed to arrive at 12.30pm, but it was alright since the departure timing was 2pm. Looked around for some light snacks as we both didn't have anything before heading out. After having a mini Bao to prevent myself from getting sea-sick, we headed into the terminal. The wait for our ferry to arrive was god damn long, they delayed approx 1 hour of our timing. Supposingly to depart at 2pm, in the end we only got to depart at about 3.30pm. Hence, our arrival timing at BBT got delayed as well. 

We only got to reach BBT Ferry Terminal at 4+pm (Bintan Time). Singapore timing is 1 hour ahead so it was already 5+pm in Singapore when we arrived there. 

You can clearly see the sun setting already at the background!! 

After checking in, we rotted in our room a little bit before heading out to explore the resort. We wanted to book the BBQ dinner they offer but then the cut off time for it was already over so we can only wait till tomorrow :(

Decided to head out to the nearby hawker for dinner instead by a transport arranged by our resort for SGD10 (two way transport).

No pictures unfortunately as I didn't bring my cam out! BUT IT WAS DELICIOUS and we only spent like $9 from everything we ordered. Really happy hehe.

And then we headed to the nearby mini-mart for some cup noodles and snacks since we kind of predicted that we wouldn't have much food to eat for the next 2 days there. AND the prices were mad crazy!! Don't ever get scammed buying too much from that shop thinking it'd be cheap bcos the prices of the cup noodles were even more expensive than the ones in SG. 

Headed back to our Resort afterwards & had a chill night. Literally chill. Just watching shows & gaming before drifting into dreamland.

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