Bintan Trip 3D2N (Day 2)

“Our Bintan Trip @ The Canopi - Day 2” 

We started our day 2 with a morning breakfast buffet that was complimentary from the resort and it was an average meal. Not a lot of choices but enough to get my tummy full. The resort would be much better definitely if they improved on their food.

Ventured out to their man-made "beach" and tried playing in the water but gave up after awhile as it was too cold brrrr. Decided to suntan for a little bit before heading to Treasure Bay to rent their eScooter. We rented their scooter for 6 hours so as to convenient us around in travelling around the resort. The resort was really quite huge. After renting it, we had a little fun time riding it all around the resort etc, switching turns in the one riding hahaha. After some time we both got a little steady and stable in it. Quite proud of myself for this achievement!! It's literally like I'm riding a motorcycle and fetching S around.

We decided to head out to the beach again after riding around a little as the sun came out a little brighter and it wasn't as cold anymore.

After chilling a little, we headed back to our room to washed up & ventured out to all the little corners of the resort to take pictures! And I'm so glad we did. We literally took so many nice photographic pictures hehe. The best part is, there isn't much people around so we literally don't have to worry about humans photobombing our pics!

We headed back to our room afterwards after all the hassle of taking pictures everywhere, setting the tripod up etc. Prepared for our firefly tour. YES we booked a firefly tour for SGD15 per pax. I wouldn't state that it's amazing or anything but it was a great experience! Even though we were out there feeding mosquitoes. But it was my first time seeing dragonflies & mangrove rainforest so it was good. Didn't manage to snip any pictures as it was too dark out and lighting might result in the dragonflies flying away so.

Headed back to our room & had our BBQ pit and BBQ food delivered to us afterwards. The BBQ food took FOREVER to cook even though the fire was hella big. The only thing I enjoyed about the whole BBQ dinner was the roasted marshmallows. I wouldn't go for it again if I returned back but I would say it was a great experience. But it was overall too pricey & the food wasn't even tasty tbh haha.

Ended our Day 2 just like that and we just chilled on bed until I literally fell asleep. We both did, even with the lights on we were snoring away hahaha.

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